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UXLeaks is a group of User Experience Professionals delivering UX design reviews with findings and recommendations.

Why do you need an expert review?

Our vast experience shows a unique kind of “blindness” every UX or GUI designer develops while creating the right interaction for each display’s size and it’s limitations. Now you have the chance to see it through our eyes

Why us?

We’ve extensive experience based on research and knowledge of human interaction. Have a look at our FREE REPORTS and decide for yourself what it’s worth. Would you like to get a monthly overview of all of the new use cases resolved? Subscribe to our UXLeaks Monthly Newsletter.

Who we are?

Every project is different. Therefore we’ll always find a particular expert who‘ll review your design and will share his professional insight with you. Our list of UXLeaks Professionals is open and depends on their current time availability. Report time delivery applies.

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What will you get for free?

The Free UXLeaks Review will give you a different point of view than you currently have and will provide you with recommendations that can be quickly implemented.

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